Beginning work on WordRad

I recently began work on a game that plays inside of Window’s Notepad. Right now the game is a simple platformer and the graphics are a little glitchy. I plan to make it side-scrolling with tons of enemies and awesome text animations. The game can be played in any text window, but this results in graphic glitches because in notepad every character is the same size. I do have some ideas how to fix this.

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I completed work on a short two week expirmental project for a game competition at Gamejolt called Plexus. The competition’s theme was “Chaos”. Plexus is a top-down bullet-hell with data-moshing-esque graphics. The enemies come in randomized waves. The soundtrack consists of 13 loops that switch randomly with the enemy-waves. Play it at Gamejolt!

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Binary Boy OST

People really liked the music in Binary Boy, so I spent some time after releasing the game working on the soundtrack. Check it out at Although the music was complete in the game, each song was made of a few short loops. For the album I expanded on the music and brought back some old sounds that didn’t make it in the game. A few of my favorite tracks on the album are “Storm Tropics” and “In Embryo”. The album art turned out great as well!

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Binary Boy is Finished!

It’s been a long while since this blog has been updated. I just released Binary Boy!

Publicizing my first game was pretty scary, but today I saw some pretty amazing responses. Binary Boy is featured on Game Jolt! It also was written about Rock Paper Shotgun and Indie Games. The online version of Binary Boy looks like it could be touched up, and I’m already thinking of the next game! Also you can expect a lot more updates here at the blog. I am doing a number of film projects including a music video for the band Dempsey. I hope this blog becomes a place for feedback on my game projects as well.

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2 Hour Doodle Jam

I finally got a pocket sized notebook!
play HERE

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Mode 7 experiment

I got really inspired by mode7, an old technique for 3d on the super nintendo. I got this after a few hours of really productive work. Unfortunately, this program runs very slow in realtime, but someday I would like to create a unique 3d graphics system using mode7. It works by piecing together the color of each pixel on the screen.

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Press left and right back and forth… forever.
Download the game for PC here for best audio experience.
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